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Press Release

Delta International Recruiting Agency is now a member of the Pakistan Overseas Employment Promoters Association (POEPA).
Delta International Recruiting Agency Pakistan and management is working tirelessly in providing state of the art services and recruiting facilities to both clients and candidates. As a result of the quality of services provided by Delta International Recruiting Agency we have achieved many milestones, partnership agreements and signed MOU’s with international companies and consulting firms.


DITRC Rawalpindi Pakistan is a registered recruiting agency with Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment Government of Pakistan
Contract with Almarai Company: DITRC is providing manpower services to Almarai Company. Almarai Company is the world’s largest vertically integrated dairy company. We have signed the agreement with the Almarai Company to offer our services in selecting and hiring manpower from Pakistan. As a result of our agreement we have been able to fulfill all the manpower demands of Almarai Company from Pakistan on regular basis.
Contract with Royal Commission of Jubail: We has signed an agreement with the Royal Commission of Jubail and Yunbu to provide qualified skilled and highly educated doctors from Pakistan to the prestigious hospitals in Saudi Arabia.
Contract with Fahd International Company: We has signed a contract with Fahd International Company to provide skilled and semi-skilled manpower from Pakistan. We have been successfully able to provide the required manpower that is serving for the best interest of the company.

Our Clients

STX Heavy Industries Co. Ltd: STX Heavy Industries are one of the old clients in Saudi Arabia that are being provided skilled and semi-skilled manpower from Pakistan on regular basis
Osoul Adhaifa Riyadh Osoul Adhaifa: are one of our old and esteemed clients in Riyadh , we reached in contract with Osoul Adhaifa Riyadh , two years ago and we are offering our serving to provide them manpower from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal.
AL AABDI HOLDING INC: Delta International Recruiting Agency has signed an agreement with Al Aabdi Holding Inc. to provide manpower from Pakistan.
Al Najaez Construction & Maintenance Company Saudi Arabia DITRC and Al Najaez Construction & Maintenance Company Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement where Delta International Recruiting Agency Pakistan will fulfill all their manpower demands from Pakistan.
El Concorde Construction: El Concorde Construction and we have signed the contract to provide skilled and non-skilled manpower labors for their upcoming projects from Pakistan.

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